Value Your Trade

Find Out How Much Your Trade-in is Worth

Looking to value your trade-in near Indiana? Just fill out our simple vehicle trade-in calculator above to get nearly accurate estimates of your vehicle’s trade-in value on the market. If you like what you see, and you’d like to follow the next steps of how to trade in your car, read our overview of the steps. Then, explore the inventory at Tri-Star Chevrolet of Blairsville, find a vehicle you love, apply for financing, and contact us to book a test drive near New Alexandria!

How to Trade in Your Car

While you can use our vehicle trade-in calculator to get a good estimate of how much your trade-in is worth, getting that estimate is just the first step of negotiations. Once you value your trade-in and get a good third-party estimate of your trade-in value, you’ll want to get in touch with our used lot sales manager and bring your vehicle in for an inspection. We’ll verify that your vehicle is in the condition you’ve listed it as being in, make sure it features all listed accessories and packages, and then consider local demand for the model you’re offering.

Once we’re done with our inspection, we’ll make an offer, and you can either accept it, reject it, or negotiate further. Be sure to bring your value estimates to the negotiation room. Once we’ve arrived at a mutual agreement, we’ll finalize the deal. You can accept the value of your trade-in in the form of a check or use it as credit towards another vehicle on our lot!

Have Questions About Trade-in Value?

If you’ve run into issues using our tool while trying to calculate how much your vehicle is worth, or you have more general questions about how to value your trade-in, give the Tri-Star Chevrolet of Blairsville sales associates a call at 724-675-4453. We can answer any of your questions, walk you through the steps of the process, and help you get an offer that is top-dollar! While you’re here, take a moment to explore our car buying tips for information about the difference between buying vs. leasing and more!